The Drylands (Pathfinder)

11th Day of Dimming (Erastil's Day), 700 AC

The party has arrived at the ruined city.

Their arrival here was preceded by returning the dead giant Grippli corpse to her sisters, a vote on where to go next, a battle at an old sacrifical altar which showed that you ain’t afraid of no ghosts, and an encounter with a guardian that spent a little too long inhaling the mists.

Catchup Log

The 13th Day of Lightning (Korada’s Day), 700 AC.

Khelkex is out exercising the goats when he’s kidnapped. The party races to where they figure the kidnappers are heading, defuse the ever easily-manipulated clerical order in the tunnels, and ultimately lose the challenge of foritude chasing after the villians.


Moving on with their lives, the party captured the basilisks, and after some amusing setbacks, got them in the stalls for training.

They then left to explore the cursed battlefield, which they explored in depth that far exceeded recommended safety limits, got annoyed by a group of mockingfey, let a dire bat eat one of them, then met some giant drunken Grippli sisters hunting for their 4th sibling. The party found that sibling in a burrow in the process of being turned into a skeletonized monster. They destroyed several similar monsters, were tricked by the Bonecobbler into breathing choking dust, and then looted his stuff.

It is now the 4th Day of Dimming (Erastil’s day), 700 AC

Session 10 5/20/13

1st Day of Lightning (Abadar’s Day), 700 AC

The party has breakfast with the party that’s been chasing them around:
Kiriss Relentless – Entobian leader. Fancy robes, carries a bow.
Two-Tone Scream – Creepy serpent-riding (you found out later) Dromite. Multi-colored eyes.
Ziki Waverider – Roguish Entobian with clothes of a Mogport-area trader
Wistful Amity- Low-key Dromite.

They tell the party Khelkex and Tamer have a huge bounty on their heads, try to get the party’s help. Acceptable terms of payment and service cannot be arranged. Later during the meet with Pocket’s associate Legs, they scan Soora’s mark and vamoose, suggesting they’re trying to duplicate the mist-immunity effect.

They left a note in your gear telling you to stay out of the way and not get hurt.

8th Day of Lightning (Korada’s Day), 700 AC.

The party returns to the ranch with new money and items, stopping to heroically slay a mushroom along the way. The return is delayed slightly when they have to make an extra run to the ranch and back to get Khelkex so the Gripplis they returned with can pass the mist. Khelkex and Chirkel have negotiated the renovation of the ranch, selling the magic carpet and shares of goodies inside the magically locked basement, which still has enough historical value to be worth looking into.

10th Day of Lightning (Desna’s Day), 700 AC.

The party visits the Nymph, spotting some basilisk tracks along the way, and learns the mist enchantments can’t be changed since they’re locked in tune with the four special First World magic items that are empowering the Fey in unstated ways.

She doesn’t like the idea of Rakklethorn mercenaries in her territory, and asks her dragons to guard the Dome site.

12th Day of Lightning (Gozreh’s Day), 700 AC.

The party returns to the ranch. Between the nymph visit and the potions, everyone is disease free.

Sessions 8&9 4/29/13 & 5/6/13

22th Day of Fire (Abadar’s Day), 700 AC

Party traveled to the tunnel entrance that would take them near rock mound.

27th Day of Fire (Gozreh’s Day), 700 AC

The party exited the tunnels, fighting off a tentamort lurking under a bridge.

They discovered a magic cabin with a mundane paddock. There had been a fight between a party lead by a cleric of Desna and a necromancer of some description. The party fought off a horde of zombified animals, looted the place, and rested.

28th Day of Fire (Urgathoa’s Day), 700 AC

The party arrived in the city, and Arc led them through the service tunnels to the Sky Garden and the Merchant’s District where they sold most of their loot.

Session 7 (4/15/2013)

21th Day of Fire (Urgathoa’s Day), 700 AC

The party explored the tunnels and rooms under the ruins, finding that some spidery things were living there, noticing the architecture and room design, looting some loot, and capturing a carbuncle.

They met some Fey crafters on the way back to camp, Spindler, Jor, and Fyur. Spindler bargained with Soora for a delivery of blood crystal and removed Ik-Thal’s cursed mask. Jor might show up at the Dome Ruins later for stonework. Fyur was largely uninvolved.

The party arrived back at the Dome to find it overrun with Grott nodes, mostly trolls but also a giant wasp monster, an entobian, and Khelkex/Tamer. The party negotiated a peaceful resolution, taking two Grott nodes to the city to sell in a context yet to be determined.

Session 6 (4/8/2013)

20th Day of Fire (Korada’s Day), 700 AC

The party finished the scene with Crackle and the exploding balloon gas-engines. They buried him with most of his gear, displaying respect for the dead.

They decided to backtrack to the ranch to store the mold pods in the Dome, and made it to the Nymph’s lake late in the evening.

They got information on the major players in the Greenward [which will be updated in the wiki eventually], and left on decent terms after several ‘diplomatic’ moments with the dragons and nymph. They departed with a request to keep an eye out for the Tall Nymph, the Nymph’s daughter. They also got a tip to where carbuncles like to nest.

On the way there, Chirkel got chased up a tree and collected by an extra-large spider, that the party dazed and then hacked to pieces, demonstrating their dominance over monsters not attacking in tactical groups.

The party cut him loose with no injuries to anyone else until Arc tried to harvest the valuable poison, endangering themselves in the process.

They tried to sleep some of it off.

21th Day of Fire (Urgathoa’s Day), 700 AC

The party arrived at some farm ruins, spotted two carbuncles. Zabirel lured another one out with a dancing ferret. Two were captured, but Ik-Thal was left holding a corpse of the third.

Session 5 (4/1/2013)

20th Day of Fire (Korada’s Day), 700 AC

The party decided to go visit the nymph and maybe catch a carbuncle.

After a series of escalating faerie dragon pranks, the party ended up with a cursed flying rug and a mask of unknown type.

They found a crashing balloon, fought off some plant monsters, rescued an alchemist, and captured a pair of mind-control sporepods, as well as a badly wounded owl.

Session 4 (3/25/2013)

19th Day of Fire (Gozreh’s Day), 700 AC

The party explores the ruins. Chirkel spends most of his time chatting with Tamer and Khelkex. Soora wanders about exploring, except when the party needs a heal.

The party investigates the moat buildings, plays with the gates, finds evidence of a giant spider, and Zabirel accidentally rescues a ferret who now considered him his bestest friend ever in the whole whole world.

Shortly thereafter a Colossal 3 flying ferret appears to announce that Zabirel is now the anointed champion of the God of Ferrets, tasked with spreading chaotic goodness far and wide. Ik-Thal doesn’t buy it, but keeps quiet.

The party investigates the ruined towers, finds some evidence of scavenging and a broken spyglass.

The party investigates the intact tower, disturbs a half-dozen giant crickets, which try to run but are mostly slain with one being captured. They explore the tower, find the interior stairs lead to a platform with an overhead hole above. The hole is in the floor of the tower chamber which has openings overlooking the ruins. No doors or intact windows are present.

Zabirel finds a badge behind a loose stone in the wall, but keeps it secret. By a twist of fate, he spots a path leading to the basement of the foundation they met the badger at.

The party digs out the foundation, which was loosely packed thanks to the badger. They find an ensorcelled door and wall that resists their attempts to open it. Ik-Thal summons a dire rat to try and trigger traps, but by another twist of fate accidentally mauls Arc in the face with it. A historical marker plaque next to the door says that this is the founding site of the Experiment, exact date unknown.

Arc pointedly questions Tamer and Khelkex about all of the above. They say they know nothing about the ruins, but reveal their antagonistic history with the Rakklethorn Company, a monster hunting group that attempted to capture the nymph, and their opposition to it which led to their friendship with the nymph.

It is now late afternoon, early evening.

Session 3 (3/18/13)

18th Day of Fire (Erastil’s Day), 700 AC

Party slays rat swarms, seals tunnel.

Tamer arrives with injured Khelkex. He is distraught and dazed, has trouble communicating properly.

Tamer tells you that there is a nymph who controls this region, and who can grant immunity to the fey mists. She has chosen to extend this immunity to the party so long as they are ‘with’ Khelkex and Tamer. This takes the form of little wave markings on Chirkel’s face, Zabirel’s tongue, Arcs arm(?), Soora’s ?, and Ik-Thal’s back.

Khelkex comes around thanks to Soora’s healing pulling him back over the wound threshold but would prefer to rest and recover from wounds and poison. The party lets him rest and keeps talking with Tamer.

Tamer relates that returning from the nymph, they were ambushed by at least half a dozen moldfolk who injured Khelkex. However, the nymph intervened and fought them off while Tamer retreated with Khelkex.

The party questions Tamer about who lived here previously, but Tamer doesn’t know. He says they left the equipment here three years ago, but didn’t want to talk about what happened in the interim. Tamer said Khelkex was better at talking than he was.

The party finds cages with magic items and equipment in it. The equipment consisted of 2 large cages, 4 medium cages, 6 small cages, and 6 tiny cages, all in good condition. Inside were 3 bear traps, a compass, 4 signal whistles, a lamp, 6 rings, 2 small collars, 2 medium collars, 2 large collars, a dandy brush, a training harness, a training whip, a falconry gauntlet, a spade, a shovel, a set of artisan tools(traps), a pair of medium manacles, 10 pieces of chalk, a half-empty bottle of perfume, a metal glove, 2 filter hoods, 12 fishhooks, and 2 medium tents. There are also the unidentifiable remains of cloth and small wooden items that have rotted or been broken through gnawing.

Zabirel finds a stash of plaques stuck in a wall with Entobian writing.

Ik-Thal identifies the magic rings in the cages as Rings of Comprehend Language. He tries to give one to Zabirel, but Tamer interjects, saying that it’s his equipment should only be used by signers to the contract.

The party rests, except for Chirkel who spends at least some of the night high above on the roof.

Zabriel stays up with Tamer and then renegotiates the contract and the party re-signs later under more favorable terms.

The plaques are translated to read “Property of Rakklethorn Company.”

19th Day of Fire (Gozreh’s Day), 700 AC

The party puts on the rings and begins to make sure ruins are safe. They find a badger den in the foundations, but convince the occupant to relocate to a new burrow that they will dig for him.

Map of the Ruins of the Great Dome up

The Ruins of the Great Dome is in the map section.


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