The Drylands (Pathfinder)

Catchup Log

The 13th Day of Lightning (Korada’s Day), 700 AC.

Khelkex is out exercising the goats when he’s kidnapped. The party races to where they figure the kidnappers are heading, defuse the ever easily-manipulated clerical order in the tunnels, and ultimately lose the challenge of foritude chasing after the villians.


Moving on with their lives, the party captured the basilisks, and after some amusing setbacks, got them in the stalls for training.

They then left to explore the cursed battlefield, which they explored in depth that far exceeded recommended safety limits, got annoyed by a group of mockingfey, let a dire bat eat one of them, then met some giant drunken Grippli sisters hunting for their 4th sibling. The party found that sibling in a burrow in the process of being turned into a skeletonized monster. They destroyed several similar monsters, were tricked by the Bonecobbler into breathing choking dust, and then looted his stuff.

It is now the 4th Day of Dimming (Erastil’s day), 700 AC



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