The Drylands (Pathfinder)

Session 10 5/20/13

1st Day of Lightning (Abadar’s Day), 700 AC

The party has breakfast with the party that’s been chasing them around:
Kiriss Relentless – Entobian leader. Fancy robes, carries a bow.
Two-Tone Scream – Creepy serpent-riding (you found out later) Dromite. Multi-colored eyes.
Ziki Waverider – Roguish Entobian with clothes of a Mogport-area trader
Wistful Amity- Low-key Dromite.

They tell the party Khelkex and Tamer have a huge bounty on their heads, try to get the party’s help. Acceptable terms of payment and service cannot be arranged. Later during the meet with Pocket’s associate Legs, they scan Soora’s mark and vamoose, suggesting they’re trying to duplicate the mist-immunity effect.

They left a note in your gear telling you to stay out of the way and not get hurt.

8th Day of Lightning (Korada’s Day), 700 AC.

The party returns to the ranch with new money and items, stopping to heroically slay a mushroom along the way. The return is delayed slightly when they have to make an extra run to the ranch and back to get Khelkex so the Gripplis they returned with can pass the mist. Khelkex and Chirkel have negotiated the renovation of the ranch, selling the magic carpet and shares of goodies inside the magically locked basement, which still has enough historical value to be worth looking into.

10th Day of Lightning (Desna’s Day), 700 AC.

The party visits the Nymph, spotting some basilisk tracks along the way, and learns the mist enchantments can’t be changed since they’re locked in tune with the four special First World magic items that are empowering the Fey in unstated ways.

She doesn’t like the idea of Rakklethorn mercenaries in her territory, and asks her dragons to guard the Dome site.

12th Day of Lightning (Gozreh’s Day), 700 AC.

The party returns to the ranch. Between the nymph visit and the potions, everyone is disease free.



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