The Drylands (Pathfinder)

Session 3 (3/18/13)

18th Day of Fire (Erastil’s Day), 700 AC

Party slays rat swarms, seals tunnel.

Tamer arrives with injured Khelkex. He is distraught and dazed, has trouble communicating properly.

Tamer tells you that there is a nymph who controls this region, and who can grant immunity to the fey mists. She has chosen to extend this immunity to the party so long as they are ‘with’ Khelkex and Tamer. This takes the form of little wave markings on Chirkel’s face, Zabirel’s tongue, Arcs arm(?), Soora’s ?, and Ik-Thal’s back.

Khelkex comes around thanks to Soora’s healing pulling him back over the wound threshold but would prefer to rest and recover from wounds and poison. The party lets him rest and keeps talking with Tamer.

Tamer relates that returning from the nymph, they were ambushed by at least half a dozen moldfolk who injured Khelkex. However, the nymph intervened and fought them off while Tamer retreated with Khelkex.

The party questions Tamer about who lived here previously, but Tamer doesn’t know. He says they left the equipment here three years ago, but didn’t want to talk about what happened in the interim. Tamer said Khelkex was better at talking than he was.

The party finds cages with magic items and equipment in it. The equipment consisted of 2 large cages, 4 medium cages, 6 small cages, and 6 tiny cages, all in good condition. Inside were 3 bear traps, a compass, 4 signal whistles, a lamp, 6 rings, 2 small collars, 2 medium collars, 2 large collars, a dandy brush, a training harness, a training whip, a falconry gauntlet, a spade, a shovel, a set of artisan tools(traps), a pair of medium manacles, 10 pieces of chalk, a half-empty bottle of perfume, a metal glove, 2 filter hoods, 12 fishhooks, and 2 medium tents. There are also the unidentifiable remains of cloth and small wooden items that have rotted or been broken through gnawing.

Zabirel finds a stash of plaques stuck in a wall with Entobian writing.

Ik-Thal identifies the magic rings in the cages as Rings of Comprehend Language. He tries to give one to Zabirel, but Tamer interjects, saying that it’s his equipment should only be used by signers to the contract.

The party rests, except for Chirkel who spends at least some of the night high above on the roof.

Zabriel stays up with Tamer and then renegotiates the contract and the party re-signs later under more favorable terms.

The plaques are translated to read “Property of Rakklethorn Company.”

19th Day of Fire (Gozreh’s Day), 700 AC

The party puts on the rings and begins to make sure ruins are safe. They find a badger den in the foundations, but convince the occupant to relocate to a new burrow that they will dig for him.



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