The Drylands (Pathfinder)

Session 4 (3/25/2013)

19th Day of Fire (Gozreh’s Day), 700 AC

The party explores the ruins. Chirkel spends most of his time chatting with Tamer and Khelkex. Soora wanders about exploring, except when the party needs a heal.

The party investigates the moat buildings, plays with the gates, finds evidence of a giant spider, and Zabirel accidentally rescues a ferret who now considered him his bestest friend ever in the whole whole world.

Shortly thereafter a Colossal 3 flying ferret appears to announce that Zabirel is now the anointed champion of the God of Ferrets, tasked with spreading chaotic goodness far and wide. Ik-Thal doesn’t buy it, but keeps quiet.

The party investigates the ruined towers, finds some evidence of scavenging and a broken spyglass.

The party investigates the intact tower, disturbs a half-dozen giant crickets, which try to run but are mostly slain with one being captured. They explore the tower, find the interior stairs lead to a platform with an overhead hole above. The hole is in the floor of the tower chamber which has openings overlooking the ruins. No doors or intact windows are present.

Zabirel finds a badge behind a loose stone in the wall, but keeps it secret. By a twist of fate, he spots a path leading to the basement of the foundation they met the badger at.

The party digs out the foundation, which was loosely packed thanks to the badger. They find an ensorcelled door and wall that resists their attempts to open it. Ik-Thal summons a dire rat to try and trigger traps, but by another twist of fate accidentally mauls Arc in the face with it. A historical marker plaque next to the door says that this is the founding site of the Experiment, exact date unknown.

Arc pointedly questions Tamer and Khelkex about all of the above. They say they know nothing about the ruins, but reveal their antagonistic history with the Rakklethorn Company, a monster hunting group that attempted to capture the nymph, and their opposition to it which led to their friendship with the nymph.

It is now late afternoon, early evening.



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