The Drylands (Pathfinder)

Session 6 (4/8/2013)

20th Day of Fire (Korada’s Day), 700 AC

The party finished the scene with Crackle and the exploding balloon gas-engines. They buried him with most of his gear, displaying respect for the dead.

They decided to backtrack to the ranch to store the mold pods in the Dome, and made it to the Nymph’s lake late in the evening.

They got information on the major players in the Greenward [which will be updated in the wiki eventually], and left on decent terms after several ‘diplomatic’ moments with the dragons and nymph. They departed with a request to keep an eye out for the Tall Nymph, the Nymph’s daughter. They also got a tip to where carbuncles like to nest.

On the way there, Chirkel got chased up a tree and collected by an extra-large spider, that the party dazed and then hacked to pieces, demonstrating their dominance over monsters not attacking in tactical groups.

The party cut him loose with no injuries to anyone else until Arc tried to harvest the valuable poison, endangering themselves in the process.

They tried to sleep some of it off.

21th Day of Fire (Urgathoa’s Day), 700 AC

The party arrived at some farm ruins, spotted two carbuncles. Zabirel lured another one out with a dancing ferret. Two were captured, but Ik-Thal was left holding a corpse of the third.



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