The Drylands (Pathfinder)

Session 7 (4/15/2013)

21th Day of Fire (Urgathoa’s Day), 700 AC

The party explored the tunnels and rooms under the ruins, finding that some spidery things were living there, noticing the architecture and room design, looting some loot, and capturing a carbuncle.

They met some Fey crafters on the way back to camp, Spindler, Jor, and Fyur. Spindler bargained with Soora for a delivery of blood crystal and removed Ik-Thal’s cursed mask. Jor might show up at the Dome Ruins later for stonework. Fyur was largely uninvolved.

The party arrived back at the Dome to find it overrun with Grott nodes, mostly trolls but also a giant wasp monster, an entobian, and Khelkex/Tamer. The party negotiated a peaceful resolution, taking two Grott nodes to the city to sell in a context yet to be determined.



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