The Drylands (Pathfinder)

Greenward Map Up

New Greenward Map up, giving you an idea of where you’ve been recently. The mountains don’t quite connect like they’re supposed to, but other than that it’s a nice area overview.

Session 2 (3/11/13) Notes

9th Day of Fire (Brigh’s Day), 700 AC: Party arrives at location of probable entrance to tunnels through Rainwall Mountains. Party investigates area, sets off alarm on door behind waterfall, leaves for other door.

12th Day of Fire (Gozreh’s Day), 700 AC: Party enters known tunnel, fast-talks way past undead-hating outlaws.

17th Day of Fire (Desna’s’s Day), 700 AC: Party exits tunnel that morning, splits up. Khelkex and Tamer head to visit fey that allows access through the mist. Remainder heads South to site.

18th Day of Fire (Erastil’s Day), 700 AC: Party arrives at ruins in the afternoon. A handful of intact buildings, the 95’ dome being the most prominent. Party climbs dome, spots rats in residence far below, along with cages full of supplies. Zabirel hears clicking underfoot. Ik-Thal stomps the ceiling, and a few fire beetles fly up at him, biting at Arc in passing. The party kills two of the beetles and captures the third, heavily wounded, in a net.

Session 1 (3/4/13) Notes

3rd day of Shadow (Desna’s Day), 700 AC: Khelkex Drakescaled and Tamer Mogogol recruit Zabirel.

10th day of Shadow (Desna’s Day), 700 AC: Party arrives in trading village on southern coast of the Eastern Grippli Swamps.

25th day of Shadow (Erastil’s Day), 700 AC: Party aids Chirkel in attack on Slavers. Slavers found burning remnants of long-dead village. Slavers fled. Chirkel and Parents are all that remain of tribe, slavers and slaves both vanished. Zabirel visits his parents while Chirkel recruits his to join the party via the next trade ship after his father’s recovery. Chirkel joins party.

27th Day of Shadow (Korada’s Day), 700AC: Party departs for docks on northern edge of Entobian Desert.

5th Day of Kindling (Gozreh’s Day), 700AC: Party arrives at dock village, purchases traveling supplies/mounts, continues Southeast to New Mound.

14th Day of Kindling (Urgathoa’s Day), 700AC: Party arrives at New Mound, finds that exploration into the Greenward is officially discouraged, to the point of official disruption of attempts to recruit, but not to the physical harm or imprisonment of party members. Party leaves the next day after resupplying. Rumor of wild gnome in the hills directs interest there.

17th Day of Kindling (Desna’s Day), 700AC: Party reaches the foothills of the Rainwall Mountains and meet Soora, the ram-riding Rainwall raconteur. She eagerly joins the party.

3rd day of Fire (Desna’s Day), 700AC: Party reaches Rock Mound. Recruits Arc and Ik-Thal.

New maps up

A new non-distorted map with map scales is up, along with additional overlays to give an idea of how much smaller the Drylands are than Earth.

The Party in its inevitable mugshot


I’m imagining Ix-Thal lying face-up in the Eidolon’s ‘head’ with his claw legs extending into the upper claws for his natural attacks.

Ahoy the Narrator
A barebones summary

This is the barebones summary of events and dates, handy to refer to for logs and such, or for a factual refresher.


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