A Burning Sensation

Commander Ringing Hammer tossed the dead owl into the bonfire. That one had frenzied and attacked. But so many others had the animal’s instinct to flee before hunters. At this rate they’d never kill enough to matter. As she watched the mix of soldiers and militia haul dead forest creatures into the fire, she noticed a message waiting for her attention.

“Rider Burble, What is the situation with the other units?” asked Hammer?

“Commander. Scout teams have confirmed the presence of undead out to roughly 75 miles from the presumed point of infection. The birds which infected the vermin near Rock Mound may be an exception, as most of the local bird life has stayed local. The sub-commanders say they believe there is a chance they can contain the outbreak, but they are not able to hunt down every squirrel, bird, and field mouse,” said the messenger.

It was better news than Hammer had expected. But the challenge was immense.

“Send word to Rock Mound we’re going to need all the casters we can get for reinforcements. Send word to the sub-commanders to fall back a few miles beyond the confirmed infection line. Let them know to have their casters prepped for flight.”

“Flight, ma’am?” asked the messenger?

“Yes. They will need to make sure no more birds leave the pandemic zone. Which they will try.”

“How can you be sure, Commander?”

“Because,” Said Commander Hammer, “We’re going to burn this forest down.”

A Burning Sensation

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