A Daring Rescue

Tiggol had called on some old friends for this one. He couldn’t use the caravan, as useful as some of his family would be. It was too important that this attack not be traced back to the Gnomes. Fortunately, he had a wide network. Hiding in the dark with him were a warband of Dromites and Entobians, a few of the Kval who still interacted in world affairs, and a contingent of the separatist religious fanatics who had found the Mogogol in the first place.

The prisoner inside had actually seen one of the Anchors. While he probably had no idea what he was looking at, the Urgathoans would. They couldn’t be allowed to pry that information from his mind. And it seemed like they would try.

Tiggol waited for the signal. The Kval had been typically coy about how the distraction was going to work, but he trusted that it would be obvious and sufficiently over-the-top to allow for success. They had gone invisible and headed towards the undead servitors that were carrying supplies into the temple. Why became apparent in a few minutes, as explosions began to roar from locations all over the temple and fires began to spread.

Waving his team forward, Tiggol pulled two wands from his pack. Aiming the first wand at the wall, there was a brief sensation of opposing force as the spells protecting that section of wall were disrupted. Tiggol aimed the second wand at the wall and a passage appeared in the stone.

The warriors, clerics, and paladins rushed in through the opening. There were only a few guards at this level as the bombs had intentionally been set elsewhere to draw their attention. The rescuers had only to kill a handful of undead guardians and use the wands to create a shortcut to the prison block.

Tiggol paused before the entrance to the jail as a paladin stepped through and cleaved the jailer’s head from her body. Picking up the keys, Tiggol hurried through the rows of cells until he found Kelkex in an adjoining interrogation chamber.

Unstrapping him from the chair, Tiggol tilted the unresponsive Entobian’s head up to try and feed him a potion of healing. Khelkex’s eyes were unfocused and showed no recognition. He was gone.

A Daring Rescue

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