A thinly disguised list of equipment you may have forgotten about

Gorel double-checked the list the Grippli youth had chalked on the wall of the basement. After the fey had taken their share, Aunt Lirel had suggested they take stock of what was left:

  • Tea-like leaves (5 brews),
  • Black Bricks-unknown (2 bricks)
  • Dried spiky leaf plants (3 plants)
  • Pods (~100)
  • Powder packets (10)
  • Purple liquid vials (10)

There were also boxes of seeds with names that matched the labels where the plants were stored. Even though Chirkel had come by and used the language-ring to understand the words, exactly what the plants were and why they were stored here was beyond him. Gorel really wanted to test the plants, but the adults had watched the fey creatures smoking some of them and told him not to even think about it.

The potions were easier. Swaimel had written those down after Ik-Thal had cured his disease. Gorel made notes about the ones he had tucked in the bats’ saddlebags before the party had left again:

  • 6 Polypurpose Panacea potions (2/bat)
  • 5 Cure Light Wounds potions (2/bat)
  • 4 Cure Moderate Wounds potions (2/bat)
  • 2 Cure Serious Wounds potions (1/bat)
  • 3 Lesser Restoration potions (1/bat)
  • 3 Restoration potions (1/bat)
  • 2 Remove Curse potions (1)
  • 2 Remove Blindness/Deafness potions (1)
  • 1 Remove Disease Potion (1)

Unfortunately, Gorel had gotten distracted playing with Chirkel’s badger afterward and had forgotten to let the party know he’d put them in the saddlebags. Gorel thought that surely they’d notice anyway, even though he’d padded them well and put them in empty pockets.

Gorel was interrupted as a basilisk stuck his head in the doorway to the basement.

“Gorel!” called Chirkel from the top of the beast, “Dinner time.”

And Chirkel rode away. The Basilisks had been getting a lot of training time ever since Uncle Makiel had figured out that the collars they found among the equipment in the dome had a charm effect when attached to a willing creature. It made training them safe and easy. As Gorel left to join the family for dinner, he walked past the last list of equipment he’d written:

  • 2 large cages
  • 4 medium cages
  • 6 small cages
  • 6 tiny cages
  • 3 bear traps
  • 1 compass
  • 4 signal whistles
  • 1 lamp
  • 2 small collars
  • 2 medium collars
  • 2 large collars
  • 1 dandy brush
  • 1 training harness
  • 1 training whip
  • 1 falconry gauntlet
  • 1 spade
  • 1 shovel
  • 1 set of artisan tools(traps
  • 1 pair of medium manacles
  • 10 pieces of chalk (crossed off with 7 written next to it)
  • 1 a metal glove
  • 2 filter hoods
  • 12 fishhooks

With Kelkex and Tamer gone, the Grippli had decided all the cages were fair game to use. There had also been some books written in Entobian that Chirkel had gotten bored trying to read, so Gorel didn’t bother putting them on the list.

Gorel flounced out of the basement, hoping dinner was something tastier than squirrel and berries tonight.

A thinly disguised list of equipment you may have forgotten about

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