Befriending a Badger

While hunting for food one early morning I ran into the badger that we saved from the encampment. He gave me this weird look as I shot a rabbit. I wish I could let the badger know that this was for everyone back at the encampment and if I didn’t go out to hunt that we might starve. I tried to be as gentle with the dead rabbit as I could to let the badger know that I was not doing this for pleasure, but for survival.

“I knew him you know” the badger said to me.

I dropped the rabbit in shock as I heard the badger speak in a very gruff and harsh voice.

“How can he talk to me?” I think as I look around to see if one of those stupid dragons were around.

“I am so sorry, but we have to eat. I know that there are animals in the forest that hunt the rabbits and even would hunt you badger, given the chance.” As I state this I am unaware of the language that I am speaking, but for some reason I speak it fluently.

The badger looked at me thoughtfully and stated, “My name is Ricka.”

“I am pleased to meet you Ricka. I am again sorry, but I will not stop what I do. Our group needs to eat.”

“I remember your group of “misfits”. They were nice to me. I tell you what hunter. I will allow you to hunt here, but I ask that you take me with you so you can hunt the mean and evil creatures. With you hunting these creatures the area will be safer for all of us." Ricka stated with fervor.

I bowed to Ricka, “It would be my pleasure to have you as my companion.”

With that we both ran off, rabbit in my pouch, and began hunting the evil creatures of the forest surrounding our new home.

Befriending a Badger

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