Just like most worlds, the world of the Drylands was shaped by natural processes mixed with divine and magical meddling. This was a world somewhat removed from divine attention, so less of them were involved. Mogogol philosophers propose there’s actually some form of veiling effect that occludes the world from divine attention, which makes its appearance more obvious at the time of the collapses. That said, at least a few of the gods have taken an interest, as noted in the Special Mechanics section.

Pre-Collapse society was globally structured in small groups. Entobian traveling parties in the West, Grippli tribes in the swamps, and Moldfolk tribes in the underground and forested adjacent territories. At least one larger Entobian civilization had risen and fallen in the past, but at the time the Collapses started, the Entobians were in the later stages of a dark age and had lost most of their history.

Right now the following history is available. More may be unlocked later.

The Collapses


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