Mogs on the March

Mogogol Farspeaker exited the mirrored chamber.

“Mineleader, the paladins have requested we send our experimental forces,” she said.

Mogogol Mineleader looked up from the pile of reports on the table.

“That is concerning. They wouldn’t do that unless they needed it. You’ve been in contact with the cities, is it really that bad?” he asked.

The politics of the Dromite cities were usually none of Mineleader’s concern. His position chairing the Panel of Arbitration that ruled the city kept him busy with local affairs. Lately, the firearm development program the city was pursuing in partnership with T’kyrtr Oathbound had been distracted by foreign politics.

Apparently there had been a raid on a temple of Urgathoa last month. Paladins of Abadar were clearly involved. T’kyrtr Oathbound denied any involvement, but the Temples of Urgathoa claimed otherwise, and that the Temples of Abadar were in violation of the Covenant that regulated the religions.

Edge Mound backed the Urgathoans and stopped trading with T’kyrtr Oathbound, going so far as to claim they suspected the paladins were supporting counterrevolutionary forces. The two cities had always had a rocky history, but the level of hostility seemed suspicious, especially given the internal upheavals that city had been experiencing. The Mineleader suspected the Panel of Supreme Arbitration may have had something to do with that, as his intelligence services had discovered hints of a clandestine program to help nudge the Dromites to a more harmonious society.

He doubted civil war was the expected outcome, though.

From the limited information he had, Rock Mound appeared to be undergoing an internal political struggle over the issue, while Big Mound and New Mound were staying relatively uninvolved.

The revolutionary government of Edge Mound seemed to be making common cause with several of the temples in opposition to Abadar. Not just Urgathoa, but the Temples of Desna and the Paths Brigh were sympathetic to the overtures of freedom and self-fulfillment that Edge Mound were claiming the paladins were interfering to suppress.

Now the paladins had asked for Mogogol Mines to send companies of grenadiers, musketeers, and dragoons to participate in ‘joint training’ exercises. It was a simple matter to read between the lines and see that T’kyrtr Oathbound wanted to highlight it’s alliance with the Mogogol Swampland to deter any thoughts of military action should they continue to fail on the diplomatic front. Mineleader hoped that it wasn’t to the point where the paladins expected to actually need his troops.

But then again, the humans had delayed the Games because their Diviner had predicted world events would interfere. Mineleader had been looking forward to going. He’d even booked passage with the bigshot Dromite alchemist who had been promising a luxury air-cruise for world leaders in his groundbreaking airship.

With the trouble in the Dromite cities, Mineleader began to worry that missing his vacation was going to be the least of his problems this summer.

Mogs on the March

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