Money and Trade

The major (and minor) societies of The Drylands all have their internal monetary systems with foreign trade being conducted in Guild Crystals.

The Crystal Standard is used by the Entobian Guilds, the Dromite cities, and is making inroads in other cultures as well. The system is quite simple, there are four denominations of crystal, based on the size and cut: chips ( C), slivers(S), gyres(G), and planets(P). These are worth 10 chips to a sliver, 10 slivers to a gyre, and 10 gyres to a planet. The chips are thin flakes about fingernail size and may be irregular in shape. The slivers are longer, thicker, and uniform with a hole punched in them to make it easy to string. The gyres are ring shaped, half as wide as a sliver is long. Planetary crystal is a spherical version of a gyre, with the same diameter. Planets may also be faceted with arcane marks or etchings on the faces. A complete moneybag will have two internal pouches to separate the chips and planets with a capped rod or two punched into the side to hold the slivers and gyres. Poorer traders may use a version without the divider for planets and with tthe slivers and gyres on a piece of string in with the chips.

The Mogogol Swampland uses simple marked reeds as currency chits. Prior to the immigration of foreigners into Mogogol Port, the system worked fine. Unfortunately, the reed chits were remarkably easy to forge (just nick a reed) so intricately calligraphed invisible arcane marks are placed on them at issuance to non-Mogogols and verified at dispensaries by staff familiar with legitimate marks. It’s not perfect, but it generally works, even if it makes the other races disgruntled over the extra hoops they need to jump through.

The Grippli are culturally inclined to self-sufficiency, and what little trade they perform tends to use a barter system with Ahlinni feathers as a rudimentary currency. The feathers are slowly being phased out in favor of the Guild Crystals, but this is a source of cultural tension and so far only the coastal tribes have adopted the crystal standard.

The Moldfolk are almost completely on the barter system, with little demand for manufactured goods at all. The exceptions are the Moldfolk of the Southern Continent, who use Mogogol reed chits to deal with the dispensaries in Mogogol Mines.

The Humans will accept the crystal standard, but retain their traditional valuation based on the trade of livestock, which typically coverts into about 10 Gyre per head of the bison that formed the basis of the humans first attempts at settlement and domestication.

The Elves of the Deep Forest have shown no interest in trade at all.

The other races adopt the traditions of their host culture as far as money is concerned.

Money and Trade

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