Monsters and Markets

This page talks about what creatures are known to exist in the Drylands. Note that just because they’re generally known to educated individuals of the major races, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re known to your character.

Further down you’ll find information about how to make money selling them.

Breakdown by monster type: Aberrations | Animals | Constructs | Dragons | Fey | Humanoids | Magical Beasts | Monstrous Humanoids | Oozes | Outsiders | Plants | Undead | Vermin



Description of all Aberrations

Aberrations are the bizarre and alien creatures created by truly warped magic or immigration from the truly twisted planes of existence. Aberrations tend to be fairly rare, yet they appear in every area of the world except the Greenward, where the Fey have taken over their ecological niches (with the exception of the Carbuncle, which the Fey find hilarious). Capture and sale of Aberrations is varyingly considered no more objectionable than the sale of animals, slavery, or insanely dangerous depending on the aberration in question. Known aberrations (and their habitat) include:

  • Arcanoplasm (Ruined cities)
  • Azruverda (Underground)
  • Bagiennik (swamps and Flatlands)
  • Belabra (Deep Forest)
  • Blindheim (Underground)
  • Boggart (Swamps)
  • Bogwiggle (Mogogol Swamplands)
  • Carbuncle (Greenward)
  • Clamor (Roads between settlements)
  • Decapus (Deep Forest)
  • Dust Digger (Entobian Desert)
  • Ethereal Filcher (Major Cities)
  • Ettercap (Deep Forest)
  • Froghemoth (Swamps)
  • Fungal Crawler (Underground)
  • Havero (Legendary)
  • Incutilis (Deep Sea)
  • Moon-Beast (Gurvuraghol)
  • Otyugh (Entobian Cities)
  • Phrenic Scourge (Scourged Plains)
  • Rust Monster (Underground)
  • Sea Sphere (Inner Oceans)
  • Vampiric Mist (Swamps)
  • Whirlmaw (Flatlands deserts)
  • Will-o’-Wisp (swamps)



Description of all Animals

Almost every animal in the above link exists in all environments which would logically support it. Horses and ponies don’t exist. Dinosaurs and Megafauna which can exist in plains live in the Flatlands, which they dominated without question for millennia, although now the orcs and humans are vying for dominant species status.



Description of all Constructs

The only constructs known to the races of the Drylands are animated objects and golems. No working constructs from previous eras have been found, although some non-working versions have been studied to create the emerging art of golem-crafting.



Description of all Dragons

Very few draconic beings exist within the Drylands.

Faerie and pseudo dragons appeared shortly after the Sixth Collapse, along with the Fey. Capture and sale of these would be considered slavery.

Sea Drakes are native to the Broken Highlands. A few who strayed too close to the Scourged Plains have been turned into Psiwyrms who now menace the edges of Entobian territory. Capture and sale of these would be considered dangerously insane.



Description of all Fey

Fey have appeared all over the Drylands since the Sixth Collapse, although they are concentrated most strongly in the Greenward. Fey are generally intelligent, and capture and sale of Fey would almost certainly constitute slavery.

The Fey that immigrated to the Drylands seem to have gone native. Those Fey who usually partially resemble Humans or Elves in other settings resemble the Insectoid, Amphibian, and Plant creatures native to the Drylands.

Many more Fey are expected to exist than are currently known. Known Fey include:

  • Atomie (Greenward)
  • Battle Imp (Wherever warriors are found)
  • Brownie (Settlements)
  • Dryad (Greenward)
  • Faun (Greenward)
  • Gremlin (Greenward and settlements)
  • Grig (Greenward)
  • Harvest Haunt (Mogogol Swamps)
  • Mimi (Northern Greenward)
  • Mockingfey (Likely campsites)
  • Quickling (Greenward and forests)
  • Spring-Heeled Jack (Settlements)
  • Twigjack (Greenward)
  • Woodwose (Greenward)



Description of all Humanoids

Apart from the playable races, there are few other humanoids. Needless to say, capture and sale of humanoids is frowned upon in civilized territory.

Humans, Elves, and Orcs are well-established in their respective lands.

At least some Dark Creepers are suspected to serve the Phrenic Scource.

Scrag Trolls menace the coastline, a legacy of the Fifth Collapse.

Magical Beasts


Description of all Magical Beasts

Magic Beasts are almost as prevalent and common as animals. Most possess an intelligence somewhere between an animal intelligence and being truly self-aware. Sometimes that line is difficult to define. Known magical beasts include:

  • Addanc (Rivers)
  • Ahlinni (Grippli Swamps)
  • Al-mi’raj (Forests and Plains)
  • Ankheg (Entobian Desert)
  • Basilisk (All wilderness)
  • Blood Hawk (All wilderness)
  • Brain Rat (T’kyrtr Oathbound)
  • Bulette (Hills)
  • Bunyip (Inner Oceans)
  • Catoblepas (Swamps)
  • Chickcharney (Warm Non-Desert Wilderness)
  • Church Grim (Graveyards)
  • Cikavak (Most Non-Desert Wilderness)
  • Clubnek (Forests)
  • Cockatrice (Flatlands)
  • Deep Singer Whale (Outer Oceans)
  • Dragon Horse (Any)
  • Eblis (Grippli Legend)
  • Ebon Spider (Underground, follows Moldfolk trails to surface)
  • Elusa Hound (Scourged Plains)
  • Ercinee (Mountains, Hills)
  • Ethereal Marauder (Ethereal Plane)
  • Ethereal Rat (As normal rats)
  • Faceless Whale (Outer Oceans)
  • Flail Snail (Underground)
  • Floating Eye (Inner Oceans)
  • Frost Mite Swarm (Cold Regions)
  • Gargiya (Waters of the Broken Highlands)
  • Gelid Beetle, Greater (Northern Wastes)
  • Gelid Beetle. Lesser (Northern Wastes)
  • Giant Bog Turtle (Mogogol Swampland)
  • Giant Eagle (Hills, Mountains)
  • Giant Owl (Hills, Mountains, Deep Forest)
  • Gigas Clam (Inner Oceans)
  • Gnasher Lizard (Northern Rootshield Mountains)
  • Golden Cat (Near civilization)
  • Gorgon (Rootshield Mountains)
  • Gray Render (Swamps)
  • Graymalkins (Near small settlements)
  • Griffon (Entobian Desert)
  • Grodair (Greenward)
  • Gryph (Near Moldfolk)
  • Hadhayosh (Flatland Deserts)
  • Hippocampus (All Oceans)
  • Hippogriff (Flatlands)
  • Hoar Fox (Cold Regions)
  • Kathlin (Plains of Eastern Continent)
  • Kirin (Any)
  • Kraken (Outer Oceans)
  • Krenshar (Mudhill Mountains)
  • Landwalker Shark (Inner Oceans)
  • Lusca (Outer Oceans)
  • Marble Snake (Any)
  • Mobogo (Swamps)
  • Muckdweller (Far Islands)
  • Nightcaller (Mudhill Mountains)
  • Oma (Legendary)
  • Onyx Deer (All plains, grasslands, forests)
  • Phase Flea (Ethereal Plane)
  • Phase Spider (Ethereal Plane)
  • Rakklethorn Toad (Swamps)
  • Ratling (Cities)
  • Razor Boar (Southern Rootshield Mountains)
  • Retch Hound (Southern Continent)
  • Sea Serpent (Outer Oceans)
  • Sea Spider (Far Islands)
  • Sepia Snake (Any Wilderness)
  • Shantak (Legendary)
  • Shocker Lizard (Swamps)
  • Skrik Nettle (Greenward Jungle)
  • Skvader (Any Wilderness)
  • Slurk (Underground)
  • Spider Collective (Forests, Swamps)
  • Spider Eater (Near spiders)
  • Star Monarch (Any)
  • Stirge (Coasts, Lakes, Rivers)
  • Temporal Crawler (Any Wilderness)
  • Thorn Dog (Greenward Forests)
  • Thunderbird (Mountains)
  • Thundershrike (Southern Continent Mountains)
  • Trollhound. Scrag variant (Coastlines, Scrag settlements)
  • Unicorn (Grasslands, Plains)
  • Vapor Rat, Dire (As rats)
  • Vapor Wasp (As wasps)
  • Vulchling (Underground, Deserts)
  • Water Wraith (Rivers, Lakes, Swamps)
  • Winter Wolf (Northern Wastes)
  • Witherstench (Forests)
  • Wizard’s Shackle (Near magic-users)
  • Wolf-Spider (Forests, Swamps)
  • Wolpertinger (Any Wilderness)

Monstrous Humanoids


Description of all
Monstrous Humanoids

No monstrous humanoids are known to exist, but there are rumors. Yeti are said to exist in the Northern Wastes.

Intelligent monsters are said to mimic stone statues in Mogogol Mines and surrounding villages.

Beings that resemble humans and elves are often credited with magical powers and evil deeds. Whether this is racism, examples of powerful evil humans/elves, or monstrous humanoids of a similar type is up for debate.

More rumors may be heard during adventures.



Description of all Oozes

Oozes are not well understood. While oozes and jellies are easily identified as such, only a few dedicated researchers are aware of the differences between them.



Description of all Outsiders

Outsiders linked to elemental plans, the positive/negative energy planes, the ethereal plane, the astral plane, the First World, and the Dimension of Dreams are known to at least some of the population. Outsiders from the planes of the Great Beyond are unknown.



Description of all Plants

The following plant creatures are generally known to exist. As with everything else, it is possible that unknown plant creatures exist:

  • Algoid (Swamps)
  • Alraune (Forests, Hills)
  • Assassin Vine (Forests)
  • Basidirond (Underground, Ruins)
  • Blood Bush (Any Wilderness)
  • Calathgar (Any Cold)
  • Cavelight Moss (Underground)
  • Child of the Briar (Greenward)
  • Cobra Flower (Any non-desert)
  • Fetid Spore Mound (Swamps)
  • Flytrap, Giant (forests, hills, plains, and rivers)
  • Fungus, Sheet (Any)
  • Fungus, Violet (Underground, Ruins)
  • Gnarlwood (Legendary)
  • Kelpie (Any water)
  • Leshy (Any)
  • Living Topiary (Any)
  • Mold, Russet (Moldfolk settlements)
  • Moonflower (Legendary)
  • Quickwood (Deep Forest)
  • Shambling Mound (Forests, Swamps)
  • Shrieker (Underground)
  • Silver Bells (Northern Wastes, north Rootshield Mountains)
  • Spore Rat (Swamps)
  • Strangle Weed (Coasts, Lakes)
  • Tri-Flower Frond (Flatlands)
  • Witherweed (Entobian Desert)
  • Xtabay (Any)



Description of all Undead

The only undead commonly known to exist are the zombies and skeletons created by the Cult of Urgathoa. Intelligent undead are almost universally considered abominations, and other forms of undead are either kept secret or slain without study.



Description of all Vermin

Assume all mundane vermin exist in some varieties in some locations. Not all sub-varieties are known, but the base-kinds are.



As you get involved in the business of catching/training/selling creatures, you’ll find that different creatures sell better in different markets. For example, there’s not much call for hunting animals in the hive-cities of the Dromites, but the wandering Entobians will tend to pay top dollar for an exotic mount. You may find a reclusive Grippli wizard who’s in desperate need of a dozen ooze specimens for his weird experiments, but in general, Grippli society doesn’t encourage that kind of magical research.

Prices are generally going to be based on RP factors, with guiding baseline drawn from entries like Hippogriff, Owlbear, and the new animal price list.

Monsters and Markets

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