People and Organizations

Famous NPCs

Archcleric Mogogol: Influential member of the Mogogol Panel of Supreme Arbitration
T’kyrtr Oathbound: Paladin King who pushed back the Scourge (deceased).

Entobian Guilds

All guilds are headquareted in New Mound. No guilds allows non-Entobians in controlling positions. They used to, but after the setbacks from when Mogogol Trademaster held a senior leadership position in the Traders’ guild, there’s been a Entobians-only rule. No Dromite has vied for senior leadership, so it’s conceivable that would be possible.

  • Warriors’ Guild: Headed by Kirtal-ksysk Wyrmsplitter, the warriors’ guild trains and finds work for aspiring warriors. Their chapter in T’kyrtr Oathbound is larger than their headquarters in New Mound, and it occasionally conflicts with the Order of the Oathbound regarding who’s in control of guild warriors under what circumstances. The Warriors’ Guild is primarily concerned with fighting the Scourge, but sends it’s members on missions around the world.
  • Traders’ Guild: Headed by Sthiik Giftbringer, the trader’s guild owns the crystal mines which provide the most widely used currency in The Drylands. They are arguably the single most influential organization currently in existence. Merchants, traders, and craftspeople who join the guild get a variety of services, information, and powerful friends as they perform services and rise through the ranks.
  • Casters’ Guild: Led by Ityok Gemeye, the caster’s guild is the premier center of magical study, training, and item creation in The Drylands. All varieties of casters are welcome to join, but arcanists, specifically wizards, magus, and other spellbook users tend to get the most benefit. As a gathering point of magical power, common thought is that the Casters’ Guild is somehow behind the mystery restricting casters from the highest levels of magic.
  • Engineers’ Guild: Led by Traktal-tr Cliffcarver, the Engineers’ Guild is the smallest of the four guilds. Recognizing that magic users are a limited resource, the Engineer’s Guild tries to produce amazing results without magic. Rising out of the construction of the Dromite Cities, the Engineers’ Guild was originally devoted to ensuring the architectural designs of the cities were stable and building the agricultural systems that use the underground lakes as a resource. While this guild’s studies have expanded into other sciences, their focus remains on creating better systems for people to live in and developing the tools to create those systems. The Engineers’ Guild has the highest non-Entobian membership of all the guilds, primarily because it appeals to Dromites following the Outer Path.

Governments and leaders

See Places for the governance and leadership of a particular region.

People and Organizations

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