Player Races

Note: These are all background/roleplay information. Useful and important to the game, but if you need the stats on making the character, see the Special Mechanics and Character Creation page for a list of links to that information.

Entobians The original adventuring insectoids, caterpillars that transform into new forms as they develop.

Dromites Mutated Entobians from the war against the Phrenic Scourge, the Dromites are now psionic.

Grippli Hunter/gatherer (and proud of it) people resembling salamanders or tree-frogs, depending on how you squint.

Mogogols Boggards changed after the Fourth Collapse into a force for good.

Moldfolk Made from other creatures by russet mold, these are a tribal, territorial people.

Gnomes A magical people on the run.

Vulpi Someone let the furrys play.

NPC Races

KvaL – Tiny friendly creatures that appeared in the First Collapse.
Boggards Giant humanoid frog-things. Generally unpleasant.
Scourges – Psionic, infectious, formless horrors
Lengians – From another dimension, would give the Scourges a run for their money on the horrific front. May or may not have stats resembling the linked description.
Linnorm – Like a dragon, but worse
Couatl – Powerful feathered serpents that try to protect people
Humans, Elves and Orcs Familiar faces to us, rare ones in the Drylands.


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