Races you can play as:

Entobians- Adventurous caterpillars that eventually transform
Dromites – Psionic civilization building insects
Grippli – Hunter/gatherer (and proud of it) tree-froggish people
Mogogols – Compulsively good-natured bull-froggish people
Moldfolk – Mute, tribalistic children of russet mold
Gnomes – Rare irrepressible recent refugees

Races that were important to the background, but may or may not be around to kill you.

Boggard – Generally violent frog people currently serving the Aboleth
Lengian – Master of the Black Ship, King of the Sunken City
Linnorm – Like a dragon, but worse
Scourges – Psionic, infectious, formless horrors
Kval – Tiny anti-evil magical people with big hands
Humans – Barbarians, but you already knew that.
Orcs – It’s not easy being green.
Elves – The tall, skinny kind.

Stuff that happened:
Prehistory(BC ?-0)
Things went on, but no one’s sure what. The Grippli are insular, the Moldfolk don’t do history, and the Entobians are coming out of a dark age.

First Collapse: Meet the Kval (AC 0)
This starts the calendar. A whole bunch of tiny magical people fall into the world from another dimension that’s starting to collapse. As it hits big moments in its collapse, it’ll be visibile to magically aware beings who’ll pop over and cause trouble.

Second Collapse: The Phrenic Scourge (AC 96)
Destructive psionic monsters show up on the Western Continent. They infect an Entobian who’s in a coccoon and it turns into the first Dromite. The Dromites help save the Entobians from the monsters.

Third Collapse: There goes the swamp (AC 280)
Boggards show up and take the swamps of the Southern Continent away from the Grippli.

Fourth Collapse: Launch of the Lengian (AC 442)
A Lengian caster arrives and enslaves a portion of the Boggards to build an undersea city. Boggards who don’t want to go become the Mogogol after a nasty civil war.

Fifth Collapse: More Lengians! Now with humans! (AC 452)
Other Lengians show up following the first. They bring some human, elven, and orcish servants who go free after the original Lengian chases them off.

Sixth Collapse: Gnome more, please! (AC 576)
A linnorm is sighted in the Broken Highlands with a bunch of gnomes for purposes unknown. A significant number of gnomes escape to the Far Islands and eventually the continents with everybody else.

Wanted ad posted (AC 700)
An ad is posted for aspiring monster hunters at an unusual ranch.


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