Who's Who in the Drylands

People you’ve met or talked about:

Friendlies (for now)

Dome Residents

The Gripplis: Chirkel, his parents Makiel & Lirel, and six young grippli from Zabirel’s tribe.

Tamer (absent): Founding Mogogol member.

Khelkex (captured): Founding Entobian member

Jor, Fyur, and Spindler: Fey merchants and craftspeople.

Bruiser & Company (en route): Old mercenary friends of Zabirel.

Assorted creatures: Animal stock in perpetual flux

Freeholders of the Lake (Good-aligned Fey)

The Nymph aka Edle von Aquai: A leader of the Freeholders of the Lake.

Whisliel: Orange Faerie dragon; the Nymph’s sidekick and majordomo

The Faerie Dragons: The Nymph’s Minions

Grott: Network of mind-controlling spore pods, an allied independent


Krambler the Goblin King: Leader of the Vexgit goblins

Nod: Vexgit explorer

Rock Mound

Corner Pockets: A Dromite black-marketeer trying to straddle the line between being friendly with you and Kiriss’s Bonepickers.

Legs: Pockets’s Dromite minion.

Big Mound

Nkth Inkspinner: Arc’s original tutor in the ways of sorcery.

Order of the Sanctified Corpse (in the tunnels)

Sisisk Corpseburner: Entobian outlawed cleric with a fanaticism for slaying undead.

Big Cri: Sisisk’s Larvite Lifer musclebound enforcer.

Order mooks: Mostly undertrained crossbow and spear warriors devoted to the cause

Gnome Traders

Tiggol: Ik-thal’s mentor and wandering gnome agent.

Sheeria: Soora’s mother. An illusionist.

Nym: Soora’s Father. A skilled rider and trader.


Kiriss’s Bonepickers

Kiriss Relentless: Entobian bounty hunter of Urgathoa. Leader

Two-Tone Scream: Dromite Dread psionisist and astral horror creator

Ziki Waverider: Entobian sailor, close-combat specialist, tactician, and probable pirate

Wistful Amity: Dromite Psionic blaster.

The Crew

Captain: The organizational force behind the crew. Details sketchy.

Crew: Mostly Scragg Trolls (aquatic). A decent number of undead as well.

The Unbowed Freeholds (evil-aligned fey)

None Known.

The Ettercap Family

At least 3 ettercaps and associated spiders.

The Zombie Plague

However far the plague in the Rainwall has spread.

Who's Who in the Drylands

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