Entry 4

Me and the grapple decided to sleep out at the three story tall tower and Soora and Arc stayed with Tamer and Khalkex in the dome. We were apparently (after collaboration and some words with Tamer and Khalkex) it was a Fae Dragon, one of the Nymph’s minions. It left when we woke up (Chirkel of course shooting arrows at anything) and it sewed Zabirel into his bedroll. We gathered in the dome to discuss what happened and what we will do from there.

Well we started off needing to pick a leader after we decided to visit the Nymph (and attempt to capture the carbuncle on the way up) and I volunteered. The grippli weren’t too keen on it but since nobody else volunteered I was elected. So we went into the forest. The Fae Dragons decided to follow us which led to Zabirel attacking them and then them running away with words of warning.

When Soora fell into the stream becuase of the grease spell she noticed a log that was more akin to a chest. We checked it out further. Zabirel opened it up and I read the note that was upon a carpet and a mask. It said they could be activated by the obvious means. I know I should’ve read it to myself at that point because Soora and Arc jumped at the chance to activate the rug. Well, guess I might as well activate the mask too as we throw caution to the wind (plus I really wanted to find out what it does). The rug ended up attacking us, so we grappled it and threw it back into the chest. That’s when we noticed an object falling from the sky.

I discussed that in the next situation let’s explore the items with magic and not by just using them. They agreed. So we ventured towards the falling object’s landing point. There we saw this moldfolk-like owl perched on the branch above a basket with a dromite within. We started to help when a giant gnome looking thing came out of the swamp. Apparently it was a troll (Zabirel identified) and it was covered in the same mold folk-like stuff. The owl and troll both had this growth on it’s back that we later found out was a creature that controlled the creatures they were attached to. We won the fight, got the dromite down, and have the 2 cysts captured. WOnder what’s going to happen now.

Entry 4

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