Mogogol Mines

The newest and smallest of the Mogogol cities, Mogogol Mines grew out of efforts to mine the wealth of the Mountshoe Mountains that form the spine of the Southern Continent.

The mining effort was instigated by the Panel of Commerce in Mogogol Port who realized the benefit that a steady supply of metal could bring to society after seeing the applications of the limited amounts available from the Trader’s Guild. From their idea, the Panel of Supreme Arbitration created a new panel to organize the extraction and transport of minerals. Transport ended up being the most difficult element of the operation, and it eventually became easier to handle the refining and processing near the mines in order to minimize the amount of travel through the swamps.

As crafting industries grew, so did the settlement, eventually growing large enough to be considered a city in it’s own right. As of 700 AD, Mogogol Mines is just beginning to experiment with firearms, thanks to a research partnership with T’kyrtr Oathbound which is conducting similar experiments.

In addition to being the industrial capital of the Mogogol Swampland, it also serves as the handoff point for prisoners being sent to serve sentences (or be executed) in the Moldfolk prisons. Mostly these are humans or Entobians from Mogogol Port, but captured Boggards or the odd criminal Grippli trespasser are occasionally seen as well.

Mogogol Mines

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