Mogogol Port

Mogogol Port is the commercial center of the Mogogol Empire, being situated at the mouth of the Shrouded River. It was the second of the Mogogol cities, and is currently the largest with roughly 30,000 people living there. It is also the most cosmopolitan. Mogogol Port is the only place in the Mogogol Swampland with a significant population of non-Mogogol.

The Entobian Guilds have a strong representation in the city, and handle the vast majority of foreign trade with the Mogogol government. This makes the Panel of Commerce one of the more influential government bodies in the city, as they determine what goods are traded at why prices are acceptable.

Those members of the human and elven races that didn’t choose to settle with the majority of their people tend to end up in Mogogol Port, although citizenship for them is more difficult than for Mogogol as their natures aren’t so inherently attuned to the demands of Mogogol society. There are a few Gnome communities, but they tend to be nomadic entertainers and craftsmen, traveling from the city to outlying communities and gnomes rarely seek full citizenship.

Mogogols that end up becoming travelers or adventurers almost always start from Mogogol Port.

Mogogol Port

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